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Larrek Investigations offers a broad range of professional services, from surveillance investigations for insurance companies, background investigations for HR departments, due diligence investigations for corporations, interviews and research for law firms, and many other forms of investigations. We work with many types of businesses, helping them grow and ensuring that they are well-positioned to make informed decisions based on our results. We use the latest in modern technologies within our industry, providing our clients with the best quality results and service possible.

We believe that we are a leading-edge company in this industry. We are results-driven, continually putting the client’s needs first and delivering a superior product, which exceeds industry standards on a consistent basis.



Larrek Investigations is committed to practicing discreet, ethical, professional behavior, while contributing to the economic development of the community, and improving the quality of life for our employees, their families, the community, and society at large.


Our goal is to be the best in the investigative industry, providing our clients with the services and tools they require to succeed and prosper.

Your premium business to business investigative and research services company.