Community Involvement

Larrek Investigations has made a conscious decision and commitment to consistently and meaningfully contribute to the betterment of our community. We integrate these values into our day-to-day operations, and in our interaction with our stakeholders, clients and suppliers.

We believe that there are many aspects to maintaining corporate social responsibility, including membership to various professional associations, the encouragement of personal and team community involvement, sponsorships, memberships, volunteer opportunities, and a strong commitment by our staff to implement these initiatives into the core values of our operations. We believe that when we succeed, our community does as well.

Selection Criteria for Support of Charities

When seeking out opportunities for charities to support, there are two main areas that are meaningful to us as an organization. The first is the support of families, as we recognize the need for various supports in our Region. In addition, as our President and CEO has been impacted by charities providing assistance for those with sick children, our company is also driven to support these charities.

As we know that the needs of families and children are so dire in many situations, we mainly focus on providing support to charities who support them.

When selecting which charities to support financially, the following will be taken into consideration:

  • That the organization is a legitimate charity operation.
  • That the organization of the charity align with our mission statement.
  • We focus mainly on organizations that are located in our own backyard, with some support also for Canada-wide charities.

Once charities have been selected, we are committed to providing continued support over the years as needed.

We believe that more than financial support is important when supporting our community. We know that volunteering your time and energy is equally as important. For this reason, as a company we maintain ongoing relationships with several charities for which we also donate our time.

Employee Empowerment

As a company, we encourage our employees’ participation as much as possible in events for the charities we support. This may include attending or facilitating events as volunteers, holding fundraiser activities within the office, being part of charity committees, and providing any financial and/or volunteer support that we can as a company. To do this:

  • We empower our employees to brainstorm ideas that can benefit the charities we support as a company.
  • As a team, we work together to implement and carry out these fundraising events.
  • We communicate opportunities to volunteer with our team members and encourage participation.
  • We encourage our team to seek out and personally support charities that are close to them.

Annual Financial Support

The following are charities that we support consistently on an annual basis:

  • Sleep Tight campaign of Waterloo Region
         (Survivors of human trafficking, domestic and sexual violence)
  • Restoration Second Stage Home
         (Survivors of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation)
  • Tree of Hope Campaign for Family & Children’s Services of the Waterloo Region
  • Spinal Cord Injury Ontario
  • McMaster Children’s Hospital
  • KidsAbility
  • Juravinski Cancer Centre
  • Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada
  • Shelter Movers Waterloo Region
         (Provides moving and storage services at no cost to women and children fleeing abuse)
  • Children’s Wish Foundation
  • oneROOF Youth Services

Volunteer Support

We participate in volunteer opportunities for the following charities that we support:

  • Sleep Tight campaign of Waterloo Region
  • Tree of Hope Campaign for Family & Children’s Services of the Waterloo Region
  • Shelter Movers Waterloo Region

Past Support

In the past, we have also supported the following charities. As needed, we provide support to these and any other charities that we can.

  • House of Friendship
  • ALS Canada Golf Classic
  • Easter Seals Ontario
  • KW Optimist Club
  • United Way Kitchener Waterloo & Area
  • Food Bank of Waterloo Region
  • Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation (KWCF)
  • KW Counselling Services
  • Foodlink Ontario

We are committed to continually assessing and improving our community involvement.