Corporate Overview

Larrek Investigations has been in operation since April 30, 1980, with our current ownership having been in place since October 31, 2008. Our President and CEO, Sulekh Khindria, oversees the entire operations of Larrek Investigations. He strongly believes in teamwork and outstanding customer service, ensuring that our clients receive the best results and products possible. Through the guidance of our strong management team, our investigative and administrative teams are able to provide services which continually exceed our clients’ expectations.

Since 2011, Larrek Investigations has grown from one office in Kitchener, to having seven offices spanning Ontario. We have gained a reputation as one of the best investigative companies in the province, and continue to dominate the industry in Ontario. As our brand recognition continues to grow, we are becoming well-known throughout the industries that we serve, including the legal, insurance, HR and corporate worlds.

Larrek Investigations is continuing down a path of expansion, and is committed to improving the quality and standards within the investigative industry, by setting the bar against which all other investigative companies must compete.


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